Top 10 things to love about Black’s Beach

As a frequent visitor to Black’s Beach San Diego, I’ve quickly discovered things the locals there love, I’ll list my 10 favorites about this San Diego’s gem.

10. Pet lovers paradise. Lots of people out walking their dogs and you’ll often bump into strangers who’ll make a nice passing comment about yours.

9. It’s a nude beach. Sometimes this works against you but there are also many times when I’ve been surprised.

8. 2 miles. It’s a fairly long beach and I tend to go for long walks. A round trip on this beach is 4 miles or enough to burn off the delicious tacos I ate before walking.

7. Adjacent to a great hiking trail also known as Torrey Pines. There’s a great passage from this trail that leads to the beach.

6. Picnics are fun to have here, since the beach is so long and vast stretches are unclaimed, it’s the perfect spot to throw down a blanket.

5. Friendly crowd, I’ve never once ran into any rude or snobby people at this beach. Unlike most public beaches, Black’s Beach does not get too crowded and the people here are very nice.

4. My girlfriend tells me the life guards aren’t too bad on the eyes. No comment.

3. Excellent view of downtown San Diego from anywhere on the beach. It’s like being at the city without being there.

2. Watching the paragliders is always a treat, they float about with such grace – it’s very calming to look at.

1. It’s a nude beach! Granted I haven’t stripped it all off but this is the first time I’ve thought to myself that it wouldn’t be so bad to try it at this beach. The nice people definitely helps.

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