Nice Girls Don’t Go Naked in their Dreams (or Do They!)

My wife, Brenda and I were at some friends house one night to play some dominoes. At one point during the evening, we started talking about dreams and particularly, being naked in dreams. I mentioned a recent dream where I had been naked and very openly so. Brenda mentioned that she had rarely if ever had a dream being naked.

Growing up, she was raised in a fairly strict family and was not able to express herself like she would have preferred. She once got in trouble at a young age for saying “Golly”, as her mother thought that was out of line and just one step away from profanity. Later in her first marriage, she was afraid to speak her mind without feeling the wrath of her husband.

So she grew up not being able to express herself openly. So, from the soul’s perspective, it made sense that she hadn’t had any dreams of being naked. It seems that I have had my share of dreams being naked. No, this doesn’t mean that I secretly wish to join a nudist colony. I grew up in a fairly open-minded family.

My father was known to say just about anything, not to provoke, but rather to just sometimes get a rise out of someone. We used to call him a champion “Bullshipper.” I think that some of my dad rubbed off on me. Growing up, one of the neighborhood ladies use to say I was “such a nice boy.” My oldest sister and I would laugh about that as we grew up. When we’re “nice” we don’t say anything to offend anyone or speak our mind, in general.

Or do we? Society asks that we don’t “rock the boat,” but sometimes it sure is fun to do it anyway. From the soul’s perspective, being naked in a dream represents being open and honest, particularly in regard to how openly you have communicated (revealed yourself) to others. I can remember the many times that I have revealed a part of myself to others in my waking life, only to be naked in my dream the following night. Coincidence?

No. Actually it serves as a perfect metaphor with how openly we share ourselves with others. I was giving a talk once to a service club. At the end of the talk, one gentleman in the back yelled out, “You know, my wife always dreams about being naked in church!” Well, that dream spoke volumes to me. Since being naked represents being open and honest, I knew exactly the meaning of her dream.

A building in a dream represents a state of mind we reside in from day to day. A church represents living in a state of mind representing spirituality. So, I told that his wife is open and honest about her spirituality. The man replied, “Yeah, she talks about that stuff all the time.” Interestingly, a few months later I was giving another talk on dreams to another service organization.

The same man was there and again mentioned that his wife dreams about being naked in church. I told him it means the same thing as it did a few months ago! How open and honest are you in your waking life? It is liberating being able to speak your mind. You may find yourself, like my wife did, in situations where is was difficult to express herself openly. 

Once you take the steps to say what you are really about the inner world takes notice. If you are tentative about revealing yourself to others in your waking life, then you will most likely have a dream where you are uncomfortable about being naked. One night I dreamed about being naked while walking down a sidewalk. I then saw a car coming in my direction and I openly “flashed” the people in the car. I just let it all hang out in my dream state.

This meant that I was being the same way in my waking state. The day before I had gone on a job interview and I communicated very openly about who I was and some of the metaphysical beliefs I held. While I did not get the job (and glad that I didn’t) I open about who I was. I guess I was a little shocked at how I acted in the dream, as it certainly was an extreme for me, as naked dreams go. I’ve had plenty of naked dreams, but nothing like this.

It is easy for us to view our dreams on purely a physical level. While there is a connection from our dreams to our physical life, the real meaning is gained from from understanding them on a spiritual level. The spiritual is who and what we really are. You will find that you will not die if you openly reveal to others things about yourself not revealed before.

Try just openly revealing something about yourself that you normally wouldn’t. You might mention to a friend that you lack confidence in an area of your life, for example. Part of life is learning to transcend our fears. By communicating to your friend that you lack confidence, they just might be able to help you overcome this lack of confidence and help you move on with your life. By the way, my wife has started to have naked dreams. As she has begun to be more open in who she is with others, it is no wonder. She even had an intimate encounter in one dream, but that is for another article.

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To Find Balance, Retreat!

When our lives get out of balance we experience stress. The stress may come from work, relationships, health challenges, legal challenges, the environment or any combination of factors. Stress in of itself is not so bad but when experienced regularly over time disease states arise: irritability, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, feelings of helplessness, and indigestion. Left unchecked chronic stress leads to depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, chronic anxiety, a compromised immunes system, etc.

A time honored way of bringing balance into your life is with a retreat. A retreat can help you regain balance and live healthier in a number of important ways. First, when you participate in a retreat you remove yourself from the regular of stressors of daily life and by doing so create an opportunity for your system to naturally come back into balance. Sometimes we have lived so long with stress that we have forgotten what it feels like to feel really good!

A retreat offers the possibility to feel good again. And having this time away you can gain a fresh perspective of what is causing the stress and consider what you might do to bring about a healthier lifestyle.

When you combine retreat time with a natural healing modality such as yoga you create an opportunity to renew and revitalize your entire system – body, mind and spirit, at very deep levels. You also have the opportunity to learn something new or deepen into the practice of yoga. And through this experience you may become inspired to practice regularly at home which will further bring balance and health into your life.

Of course the ideal retreat includes delicious and nurturing meals of whole foods, like minded people, time to play, and a sacred environment where the healing power of nature can support you: magnificent views, beautiful weather, the energy of the land etc. It is for this reason that retreats are often taken in the mountains, forests, by the ocean, or on tropical islands.

Being in a beautiful natural environment also has another powerful effect; you are reminded of the grandeur and beauty in the world, and that in some way connected to this, regardless of what is happening in your life. We are reminded that there is something larger than ourselves, which leads to a mindset that is more open – open to fresh possibilities and the creative spirit.

New environments also set the stage for fresh stimuli; input which can trigger new ideas
and ways of thinking. This can come form a conversation with a stranger, reading a magazine, exploring the local environment, learning about the local culture or customs or simply trying a new restaurant. A retreat offers the opportunity to break “out of the box” – out of our habitual ways of thinking which in turn fosters new perspectives and creativity.

While regaining balance, reducing stress, renewal are often strong motivations for attending a retreat, there are many other reasons people do this which include quiet time for themselves, time to sort out some aspect of their lives, to learn a new skill or deepen into a specific modality, to do something nice for themselves or simply to have a vacation.

Before you go on a retreat – take time to think about why you are going and what you want from that experience. Just as an individual reasons for going on a retreat vary so do the many types of retreats offered. Retreats can range in time from a weekend, to week, to a month or longer. Some programs work with the individual to create their own personalized retreat while others are very structured and ask the participant to be involved with many activities. Retreats can also be more like vacations.

Whatever your reasons may be to go on a retreat, whether it is to reduce stress, regain balance, deepen your spirituality, have a great vacation or a combination of things, a retreat can be the perfect way to rebalance your life, renew your spirit and live a happier, healthier life.

The bare facts about naked telecommuting

We’ve all heard the jokes about what our colleagues who work from home are wearing — or not. For Tom Mulhall, though, telecommuting naked is no joke. Rather, it’s good business. The owner (along with his wife) of The Terra Cotta Inn clothing-optional resort and spa in Palm Springs, Calif., Mulhall wrote to us this week “just wearing a smile” to say that 80% of their guests bring laptops and work nude poolside.

He was commenting on a study we wrote about last year that found one in eight male teleworkers and one in 14 female teleworkers say they do their jobs in the nude. I followed up with Mulhall and asked him a few questions about computing in the altogether.

How far back would you say guests first started whipping out their laptops to work in the nude at your resort? Guests used laptops poolside before 9/11, but I think 9/11 was a major turning point for people working harder and longer hours. Since then, so many people are so worried about losing their jobs. They have seen so many of their friends downsized.

The job market has not been the best in all fields. That is when the whole 24/7 concept really took off, with employees being tied to doing so much work from home or on vacations or forgoing vacations. Many people feel that they can’t get away for a vacation unless they have their laptops with them.

Do these guests let on to colleagues that they are working in the buff? Some say, “Ha, ha, I am working poolside in my birthday suit, and it is sunny and in the 80s outside; jealous?” More guests, however, just quietly chuckle to themselves saying, “If only they” — meaning the office — “could see me now.”

Many guests also tell us that working in the nude feels like an act of defiance for having to work at home or on vacation. If they have to be stiffly attired all week long in the office, at least they will be comfortable on their own time when they do work at home or vacation.

We find that the guests who are in conservative fields such as law, banking, accounting, finance, etc. would never tell others that they are working in the nude. Whereas those who are in more creative or entrepreneurial businesses feel comfortable telling others they work nude.

Finally, those in sensitive jobs such as education, government, etc., are again very concerned about people finding out they like to work in the nude or even be nude. Remember, it was Attorney General John Ashcroft who spent all that taxpayer money covering the bare breast of the statue [of] the Spirit of Justice in Washington, D.C. There are many employers who are just as fanatically against nudity as Ashcroft.

Are You Part of the Wake Up Crew?

Many people living on the planet right now have volunteered to accept the opportunity to play teaching, healing, inspirational and leadership roles during this current planetary transformation. These assignments have been accepted by the individual’s soul prior to birth.

Most folks have a kind of amnesia concerning these agreements. The energy fields of natural Power Spots have the capacity to awaken an individual to their destiny agreement—to stimulate recognition of their deeper purpose in living.

Connect with Your Destiny

Power Spots in Nature have unique energetic characteristics and qualities to assist people in their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development—and thereby enable them to fulfill their life purpose.

Such places express an irresistible spiritual magnetism on the hearts and souls of the people who resonate with them. These sites have a magical ability to lift the human soul above the problems of daily existence into an awareness of the Great Spirit and our specific connection to The Grand Plan.

Stalk Power Spots

Power Spots play a very potent role in the quest for one’s Self. A Power Place is anywhere you feel centered, grounded and connected with Primal Life Force. Power Spots can be geographical locations, a positioning in a room full of people, or a precise moment in time when it is most advantageous to act. Designating a certain place and time as a focus of strength is ultimately a subjective, individual act of empowerment.

Boost Your Aliveness

Being grounded and connected makes us feel more safe and centered. The safer we feel, the more courageous, able and willing we are to perceive the truth of what is so. The more accurately we perceive the world around us, the better we deal with things in our life. The better we handle our world, the more fun it is to be present.

The more consciously we show up, the more alive we feel. The more vibrant we feel, the more awake we want to be. The more awake we are, the more accurately we see what’s really going on, the better we deal with life, the more exciting and exhilarating it is to be conscious. This spontaneous process quickly snowballs in a wonderful direction of waking up fully to our natural wisdom.

Uncover Your Essential Self

You can use the natural physical world to reveal the true workings going on underneath the surface appearance of all form. In Nature the deceit of Illusion is exposed, and you glimpse the core reality within the outer physical shell. The inter-dimensional veils between the visible and invisible worlds are gossamer-thin in the silent, timeless spaces of Wilderness, permitting easy access to other dimensions of life.

Nature offers a safe, nurturing environment for deep introspection, self-discovery and soul retrieval. Clear intention to awaken—combined with the isolation and solitude of a place of timeless harmony, balance and tranquility—stimulates a dynamic, alchemical odyssey.

When you delve deeply into your relationship with the Earth and your God, you let the Land teach you greater intimacy, clarity and personal integrity.

Free from the confining shackles of the modern world, you uncover a new vision of your life. You learn to trust the physical universe to fully support you as you follow your own unique path. You find your way back to your heart and soul, and reclaim the strength and clarity to stand in your personal truth.

Seeing the Secrets of Life

“Seeing” life reveals its secrets. When you “see” beneath the surface appearance of events—instead of simply “looking” at the outer presentation, you tap into the realm of true wisdom. The same essential dynamic of unfolding moves through every aspect of life—natural and human. You see the same patterns of ebb and flow, catalyst and change, destruction and transformation, in the sphere of sexuality and spirituality, science and emotion, thunderstorms and arguments.

As you begin to perceive the similar recurring patterns of energy flowing through all life behind-the-scenes, you begin to experience “the river running through it all.” When you get still enough inside—mentally and emotionally, you can feel the common thread of spiral movement that flows through all life and gives animation to all things.

You get a very tangible sense of how all creation operates. One who has mastered life is one who has mastered the way life flows. Nature is our best teacher of the way life plays.

Break on through to the Other Side

Breakthrough and transformation can come through an intuitive, respectful reunion with Wilderness. You experience a palpable time warp between the everyday world and the timeless soul oasis of the lost Wildness. The Ancients Ones, alive in the vibrations of the Land, call to you to meet and play with your extended family of kindred spirits.

You absorb the wisdom of knurled trees and majestic, ancient temples of dark moss forests. You cleanse and purify your body and soul in clear, spring-fed pools. You hike though a rainbow. You soar with hawks upwards into the clouds to a new appreciation of the infinite scope of your spirit.

You hear your inner voice speaking to you in the whisper of the wind and the howl of a timber wolf. “You” disappear into the expansive night sky.

You can lose your “self” in the mystery and magic of ageless vortexes guarded by ancient forests. You can find your “Self” in the raucous rambling of untamed creeks and canyons. Hidden behind the grandeur of serrated, jewel-toned cliffs; the awesome, wild beauty of graceful trees; and the serene sound of rushing mountain streams lies the living consciousness of Gaia, the Greek Goddess of the Earth. These transformational treasures are ready to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

Walk the Way of the Warrior

The Nature Warrior walks the path that matters most, the path of spiritual purpose—the journey that leads us Home. Spirit Warriors live their passion, speak the divine truth, create love with heart, and build karmic freedom portals with each footstep.

The Wilderness pilgrimage is a cosmic journey into your own soul, into the depths of your own knowing through its natural reflection in the world around you. You explore the fluid, flexible nature of the physical universe. Guided by the precise, practical mirror of the outer natural world, you open to loving without fear and enjoying without judgment. In Nature you tap unexpected new sources of strength, joy, ecstasy and inner peace.

Play a Bigger Game

Expand your playfield. This Earth-Human connection can be a two-way street. Natural Power Spots are particular geographic locations where a unique energetic dynamic allows for a mutually beneficial relationship between the planet and humans. People are served by the dynamic energies radiating from the sites.

And, in the same manner, the presence of Earth healers at Power Spots transmit an essence of love, strength and gratitude to the planet. This deep appreciation sparks waves of vital energy that stimulates the planet’s entire energy field, and becomes a deliberate practice of planetary acupuncture. With pure conscious intention, a human being with a loving heart functions as an acupuncture needle to move stuck energy of the Earth.

Renew Yourself and the Planet

This sharing of human chi builds a bridge to a new paradigm and re-kindles conscious awareness in the lost relationship between the planet and its human inhabitants. Combined with other folks with the same unifying intention, you can seed a future of cooperation, community and co-creation between all forms of life—planetary, animal, elemental, human and divine. Merging with Nature you learn how to become an active player in healing your own spirit while at the same time healing the body and soul of the planet.

How To Deal With Baby’s Desire To Wear No Clothes

One thing you can guarantee about your baby when she is born, and that is she will have no clothes on; she will be naked. There will be no shock horror amongst the people in the delivery room when the baby makes her grand entry into the human world with its social practices and stigma.

You cannot get a more natural state than a baby with no clothes on, and it’s a state you will find your baby likes to revert to sometimes as she gets a bit older. That, too, is perfectly natural. However, most modern societies frown upon open nudity, and it is normal for all people to be fully dressed, at least once they emerge from the privacy of their home; and that includes babies.

If you consider it from the baby’s point of view, though, she does not quickly understand social stigma. She likes comfort, and if it’s warm, it can be ideal for her to play with no clothes on at all; or so she thinks. So, in the home or in the garden on a warm summer’s day, babies can be quite happy playing in the nude.

This starts often at about fourteen months old, and is completely normal; in fact, if you are lucky it could help with potty training. But then you also have to deal with the baby’s introduction to social norms; what is acceptable and what is not, and in what situations. How, then, should a new parent deal with a naked toddler?

It is best not to discourage this behaviour entirely. As with many aspects of bringing up a baby you should set limits about where and when your toddler can be naked, and then enforce them. It is tedious, but repeatedly re-dressing your toddler may be the best way to get the message across that having clothes on is now the norm, rather than nakedness.

In practice, this is really not that difficult to do. By encouraging babies to take an interest in their clothes from a very young age, they may start to enjoy being dressed up and looking different. Our baby daughter loved getting dressed in new clothes long before she was a year old, and it was not long before she was checking her new look in the mirror.

If you buy new clothes, make a fuss of her when she tries them on; my wife always says ‘show Dada’ when our toddler is trying on something new. She comes to me with a beaming smile to model her new outfit.

That sort of encouragement with clothes will teach the baby to appreciate them, leaving less scope for any insistence to be naked all the time. When they do want to be naked, or when you’re tired of changing them because they’ve urinated in their pants twice in 10 minutes, then just keep it totally relaxed, as if it is the most natural thing in the world; which of course it is.

You do not want to make a child feel ashamed of their body; that is not what discipline is about. It is about a steady and relaxed learning of what is allowed and when.

Exactly what is acceptable will vary from country to country. Here in the Philippines adults tend to be coy in public about their bodies, because by and large it is a very conservative country. Yet baby and infant nakedness will not raise an eyebrow if around the home and garden. It is seen and regarded as natural, and is more easily accepted than back in England. You really have to take into account what your social norm is where you live.

Just in case some visitors may be uncomfortable with a boisterous nude infant giving them a hug, it is probably best to ensure baby is dressed for visitors. Your toddler may be comfortable with their naked time, but friends and neighbours may not be. Use your child’s new found freedom to encourage them to choose their own clothing. In fact, they make the decision themselves.

Our baby girl got into the habit, at about 19 months, of pointing at what she wanted to wear. Now, at 21 months and in a bed instead of a crib, we may go in to her in the morning and find her wardrobe has been emptied, and all her clothes being sorted on the bed. Well, at least she is showing an interest in clothes!

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is not to allow your discipline about clothing become about your child’s body. It is easy to make your sensitive baby feel ashamed of their naked body, even if you do not intend to do so. This kind of discomfort can go a long way in determining how your growing child will feel about their body in the longer term, right up into adulthood.

Nude painter’s anger at art attack

AN artist claims he has been banned from a gallery – because his pictures contain nudity.

Neil Moore has accused art gallery bosses of censorship after they told him they were not going ahead with a planned exhibition.

Mr  Moore was in talks with the Royal Pump Room’s art gallery in The Parade, Leamington, but after a series of meetings was told his display would not go ahead.

Mr Moore, aged 55, mostly paints images of the human body says he was told some of the nudity in his work may offend the public, especially some images involving children.

But Mr Moore, who sells paintings for up to £10,000 from his London gallery, denies there is anything pornographic or inappropriate about his art.

He said: “The subject matter is about things that have happened to me and is from direct experience.

“Sometimes it’s disturbing and sometimes it features nudity. It struck me that they are filtering out what the people of Leamington are allowed to see.

“We are only going to get cautious and asinine pieces of art that won’t cause offence and that is not what art is all about.

“I am perplexed by their decision as my work has often been exhibited in the gallery in group shows.

“Their patronising attitude amounts to blatant censorship and doesn’t allow the people of the district to make up their own minds whether or not an artists work is offensive.”

The gallery’s heritage and arts manager Jeff Watkin defended his decision.

He said: “We said to him that we had concerns about the content of some of his paintings as a family-orientated public museum.

“A lot of his work involves naked images of young people and a number of members of staff were not entirely comfortable with the work as it stood.

“We felt it was up to Neil to state his artistic intention (to the public) was and we feel that until he makes an explanation of that we couldn’t take the exhibition any further.”

Now Mr Moore is holding his own exhibition at his studio in Leamington so people can form their own opinions about his work.

Self-Criticism Is A Female Flaw

My husband worries because he doesn’t think I eat enough. I worry because I think I eat too much.

We are both aware of exactly what I eat so why do our judgments vary so greatly?

It is partially a matter of goals. I want to be model-thin so that I can wear the clothes I love and look just like the glossy pictures in the catalogs. He wants me to be comfortable and relaxed and could care less how much I weigh or what size I wear. I suppose if I became humungous, he’d wince, but it would probably require that I be clearly obese before he noticed.

Men give out such mixed signals. They profess their undying devotion but scan every pretty or well-endowed female on the street and read Playboy and other soft pornography, delighting in seeing any woman in some level of nudity. Ask any happily married man and he’ll admit he enjoys looking at other women but has no interest beyond the occasional once-over when a female form grabs his attention.

Women feed themselves equally mixed messages. We don’t believe in casual looks, feeling driven to actively compete with whoever captured our honey’s eye. We critique the pictures he enjoys, pointing out the too-thick ankles, the pre-cellulite dimples, the obviously collagen-enhanced lips, or the lack of class or taste.

Men enjoy looking at women and are remarkably non-judgmental. They appreciate the view for what it is and fail to notice the minor defects we are supremely happy to enumerate.

Now if we could only learn to look at ourselves as uncritically as men do! We look in a full length mirror and instead of appreciating our assets, we groan with horror at our shortcomings. We camouflage less than perfect legs with draping pants or long skirts.

We conceal a small bustline with vests and overblouses. We add to our diminutive size by tottering on platforms or stilettos. We cover aging skin with layers of makeup and add extensions to give thinning hair length and volume.

But underneath, we know exactly what we are. We stand in the bathroom and stare at the creases in our skin, the lines in our forehead, the swell between our hip bones. We grimace at every flaw and hate the imperfections of heredity, genes, an unhealthy lifestyle, and the ravages of time.

Then we wonder why we lack the self-confident manner of our male coworkers, relaxed and comfortable in the bodies fates dealt them, blissfully ignorant of their physical faults.

One day, we’ll get there – maybe.

Kingdom of Heaven – Movie Review

Kingdom of Heaven is Ridley Scott’s way of trying to recapture the success of Gladiator and to turn Orlando Bloom into the international sensation and instant leading man that Crowe became after is Oscar winning performance in that Gladiator.

I don’t fault Bloom for trying. I know he had to be thinking how could he lose? Sure it’s an epic drama and none of the other recently released historical epics have come anywhere near the success of Gladiator, but Dreams has Ridley Scott, Gladiator’s mastermind at the helm, he couldn’t go wrong…right? Well, that’s not exactly what happened.

See someone forgot to tell Orlando that he’s not Russell Crowe. And while he looked damn good in those elf ears, it takes much more then a pretty face to pull off an epic drama the likes of Kingdom of Heaven and unfortunately for us all Bloom just doesn’t have it.

I hate to criticize Orlando . I do. I think he’s gorgeous and love to watch him on the big screen and he’s not a bad actor he just doesn’t have the acting chops or the screen presence to be convincing as the salvation of a nation. Heaven tells the story of Balian (Bloom) a lowly blacksmith who has lost his child and then his wife to suicide.

He soon learns he has a nobleman for a father who has returned to recruit him on his journey to go and fight the holy Crusades and save Jerusalem from falling back into the hands of the Muslims led by the historic military leader Saladin. Agreeing to go in hopes of being able to atone for his wife’s suicide, he soon learn that knowing one’s enemy isn’t as clear as knowing where your religious beliefs lie.

Outside of Bloom not having what it takes to carry the roll of Balian, Heaven doesn’t work because the story is choppy and unclear. Scott decides to tell several stories: the jockeying for power amongst the Christians, the tenuous treaty between King Leopold and Saladin, Saladin and his relationship with his people, and an unnecessary love story that only seems to be there so there can be an excuse to see a semi-nude Orlando and instead of seeming interesting and entertaining it all just came across as one big convoluted mess.

Instead of all of these mini tales the movie would have been much more interesting had it just focused on Saladin’s and Balian’s grudging but shared respect for one another and the battle over Jerusalem. Instead we are left with a lot of unnecessary screen time filled by boring sub-plots and a badly used Edward Norton who is stuck behind a tin mask mumbling for a good portion of the movie.

Talk about bad use of an actor, Norton would have made a much better Balianl then Bloom and might have been able to stir up some emotions and excitement where Orlando could not.

Despites these gaffes, Kingdom of Heaven does offer some notable performances namely Jeffrey Irons who plays Tiberius a battle weary Sheriff of Jerusalem and commander of his own troops who is vehemently opposed to breaking the treaty they have with Saladin and David Thewalis the Hospitaler and Balian’s father’s friend and subsequently the one who helps Balian become the man his father wanted him to be.

While relatively entertaining, Kingdom of Heaven is ultimately a disappointment. I expected more out of Bloom but I really expected a great deal more out of Scott, after all he is the guy who brought us Gladiator and help turn Russell Crowe into a house hold name. Unfortunately, for everyone Kingdom of Heaven is no Gladiator.