The Faliraki Nudist Beach

Faliraki is on the Greek island of Rhodes and is one of the liveliest resorts in the Mediterranean. Known for its bars, clubs and all night beach parties, it has been a popular destination for the under 30’s for quite some time.

While most of the island sleeps off its hangover after a nights partying, some of the islands other tourists spend the morning/mid afternoon at the Faliraki nudist beach.

Most of the party crowd are not even aware of its existence as it is at the very southern end of the resort as you head into the hills. It can only be reached via a path that takes you over a hill and then winds down to sea level. It is sign posted FKK for the German tourists and it only takes a few minutes to follow the path. Once their you will find a nice secluded beach, small bar, sun loungers and umbrellas

You will find Faliraki nudist beach surrounded by cliffs. This makes it a real sun trap and during the high season the afternoons can be too hot with temperatures regularly over 40c. It is because of this that most head to there in the early morning.

Nudists come in all shapes and sizes and you won’t find anyone trying to attain that “perfect beach look” on one of these beaches. In fact, the pressure to have the body of a Greek god or goddess is well and truly off, so if you have never experienced naturism and will be taking a holiday in Rhodes, why not give Faliraki nudist beach a try?

Because it cannot be reached without coming down the path which has plenty of signs in all languages stating it is a nudist beach, you will not find gawkers hanging around as you do at some nudist beaches.

If you are feeling a little shy you will find plenty of small alcoves within the rocks for you to bathe in a little more privacy. There is also some sand dunes at the top of the hill that you can use although you are well away from the sea.

Their are several apartments and hotels very close to the beach. If you plan on using it regularly you may wish to check out Hotel Matina which is literally 10 minutes walk from reception to Faliraki nudist beach.

All About The Finnish Sauna

Saunas first came into existence in Finland, around 2000 years ago. The tradition of the sauna has continued to this day. Currently, Finland has five million citizens, and more than two million saunas. That’s an average of one sauna for every household. Saunas are considered a necessity in Finland, rather than the luxury they are seen as elsewhere in the world. There’s even a sauna in the Finnish Parliament!

The traditional sauna is made of wood, and heated with rocks. Originally, Finnish sauna rocks were heated by wood fires. Then, later, the entire sauna became wood heated, first by an open fire inside the sauna, and then by metal wood stoves. Now, it’s more likely for the sauna rocks to be heated electrically or by gas, though there are still traditional wood heated saunas. Modern sauna heaters allow the sauna to be ready faster, however.

Finnish saunas are around 175-200 degrees Fahrenheit. Water is thrown onto the stones that heat the sauna to produce steam, which makes the sauna feel even hotter than it already is. Periodically, people using the sauna may use birch boughs to beat themselves. This is intended to relax the muscles.

As soon as the heat starts to become uncomfortable, one leaves the sauna, and traditionally jumps into a lake, the ocean, or a pool. If these are not available in the winter, Finnish sauna users may roll in the snow or swim in a hole that’s been cut in the ice. Afterwards, one may return to the sauna, or sit down to enjoy food, usually sausage and beer.

It’s considered rude to wear clothing while you sauna, although it’s acceptable to sit on a towel. Mixed sex saunas are common, but Finnish saunas are considered entirely nonsexual. It would be very rude to make advances towards someone you see in the sauna. Although it’s traditional to sauna in the nude, cooling off is usually done in a towel. It’s very rude to wear a bathing suit in the sauna, because the chlorine from the suit could vaporize and be dangerous to people with breathing problems.

Foreigners in Finland may be surprised if they are invited into the sauna. This can happen while visiting, or after business negotiations. It’s possible to refuse, but more polite to accept. Because of this, it’s a good idea to be aware of the customs and methods of using the sauna in Finland. Offering a sauna is considered a sign of good hospitality.

Sensual and spiritual erotic art

The first work I encountered of Jaeda DeWalt was one of her self-portraits with mannequin figures. The plastic look of the figures is softened by the usage of light and shades of grey. In this black & white photo the human body is almost equal to the mannequins surrounding it. It’s the same with the pose of Jaeda, it makes the human and plastic body’s blend together as a group of equals.

The main difference is the anonymity of the mannequins and the individuality of the central character. You could say that she reveals her individuality this way. Does she express her sexuality as a female here as well? In a way there is a sexual aspect in this picture. The nakedness, the sensual lines of the body’s against each other, even if most of them are not for real. But on the opposite there is the non-interaction and the static poses. This duality makes this image intriguing to me.

What I also experience in her work is what’s best to describe as visual silence. It is one of the things that gives the work of Jeada DeWalt the serene intrinsic beauty. The images in this gallery are almost all self-portraits of the artist. She describes it as a way of seeking answers to who she is and what se will become, a personal journey we can witness.

The Artist statement:
The body is perhaps the most beautiful canvas of expression. The camera can provide a location of where we’re at on this road map of life. Nudity in itself is not sexual, but rather, it is sensual. I feel sensuality is a state of mind that walks hand in hand with spirituality. In my photography I seek to express the sensual and spiritual in all of its magnificent colors, textures and feelings, as well as exposing the darkness that lingers within us all.

Tantra, Monogamy And Safe Sex

The concern about safe sex has resulted in a revival of monogamy. But there is no turning back the clock. Sex is out of the closet since the free love days of the sixties. The problem with monogamy has always been boredom. The initial passion drops off pretty rapidly in a typical relationship, but not the lust of sexual desire. Eventually, the right (or wrong) set of circumstances come together and you have infidelity. It’s not that people are bad, they are just human.

To be human is to be in a body. To be in a body is to be sexual. For men being sexual means they sometimes think with what is between their legs instead of what is inside their head. But a man’s penis is single minded , ruthless and often as not, amoral.

A penis knows only desire, and when the hot sexual energy is active, you might as well be dealing with an addict. At such a moment all a man can think of is how to get the next fix. At such times there are few men alive who can resist the inviting smile on a pretty woman’s face, or the parting of her legs.

Fortunately we now have Sacred Sex. Actually, Tantra has been around for thousands of years. There are those who have learned that the best sex, the kind that makes the Earth shake and the Cosmos split open, sometimes transporting the lovers right our of their bodies, is energy sex, not just friction between two people.

Tantra Sacred Sex is high energy sex. Once you have learned the practices of Sacred Sex, sex could never again become boring. This is how you keep monogamy hot. This is how you keep your lover happy at home. Sacred Sex is not your standard roll in the hay.

Sacred Sex is an art and a way of life. It involves considerable skill. Skill requires practice, and right practice leads to mastery. Mastery translates into mutual satisfaction, through and through, for both Sacred Sex partners. With Sacred Sex, every encounter is unique, new, exciting, mysterious and sometimes awesome.

With sacred high-energy sex, lovemaking can last many hours. As the hot sexual energy builds up and the lovers learn to circulate it through their bodies, they awaken their higher spiritual centers. Various degrees of satori become available. Anyone who has ever experienced even the lower states of satori will need no convincing that by comparison, ordinary happiness is, well, just ordinary.

At first the disciplined learning of the physical practices of Sacred Sex will often feel awkward, uncomfortable, and possibly scary. There almost always is a period of such frustration that the learner wants to conclude, “This doesn’t work. I can’t do it. This is too hard.” They want to quit. But with persistence and some small FAITH, they experience a breakthrough.

Perhaps they suddenly “get it.” When you “get it” what seemed ridiculously complex, and impossibly difficult, becomes easy, like riding a bike. Once you can do it, you can always do it. You never forget.

The physical techniques involved include muscle contraction exercises (the cranial and sacral pumps), breathing techniques, learning to stay relaxed under the influence of intense sexual stimulation, and learning to stay fully present in the moment. You have to keep your attention in the same place for more than a few seconds.

It helps if you throw in some knowledge of the man’s prostate gland, a bit of acupressure to help move blocked energy, and emotional release techniques to unlock feelings. If you also add in a healthy dose of respect, lots of playfulness, a bit of surrender and letting go, your life will never be the same. Men won’t need Viagra any time soon – guaranteed.

Al Link and Pala Copeland own and operate 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra. They regularly host Tantra Sacred Loving weekends near Ottawa Canada, and weeklong retreats in exotic locations around the planet. For more information call toll free from Canada or USA: 1-800-684-5308 International long distance: 1-819-689-5308. Visit their website or send email: Their book, Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, is published by New Page Books, 2003.

Summer Vacation: Have You Ever Wanted To Try Nude Beaches

Hand on heart, how many of us have been on vacation close to nude beaches and have not taken a look or at least wondered what the experience of going nude would be. Having stayed in resorts where nudity is allowed and visited nude beaches for our offline travel and vacation business, I know it’s a summer vacation idea that many have considered…

To go nude or not to go nude?

That is the question that many vacationers end up asking themselves. If you are interested in spending your summer vacation at an overseas beach, it is likely that you will have to decide. You may also find that overseas beaches may not be classified as being nude beaches but nude sunbathing is actually permitted.

For may of us with young families this need not be a concern as it is more than typical that “like attracts like” and I have normally found that on mixed beaches, nude bathers will typically congregate in same area.

Nude beaches are ideal for adults who are spending their summer vacation with a mature crowd. Whether you are vacationing overseas with your friends or you are vacationing with your partner or spouse, many adults find nude beaches appealing. In a way, many couples find nude beaches to be exotic; thus, creating a romantic atmosphere.

In the United States, nudity is a controversial topic. If seeing nude men and women having fun on the beach does not bother you, you may want to consider selecting a nude beach as your next summer vacation destination. When it comes to selecting a nude beach to visit, you have a number of options. Below is an overview of three popular nudist beaches that you may want to select as your next summer vacation destination.

The Montalivet Beach is located in France. It is known as one of the most popular nude beaches in the world. France is often credited for the development and increased popularity of nude beaches. The beach is located on the Atlantic coast and it offers a number of overnight accommodations, including bungalow rentals and campsites. The atmosphere at Montalivet Beach is often reported as being safe for individuals of ages.

Samurai Beach, located in Australia is another, one of many, top rated nude beaches. Multiple resorts along the beach, including Bardot’s Clothing Optional Resort, allow nudity. In fact, nudity at the Samurai Beach is so common that it has become the home of the Nude Olympics, which are held on a yearly basis.

Spain and Greece are homes to a number of nude beaches, including the popular Red Beach. In addition to vacationing on the beach nude, Greece is well-know for its history. There are a number of historical landmarks along the Red Beach. Red Beach is famous for its lack of limits on nudity. The only restriction, at this popular nude beach, is that clothing must be worn in the dining hall. A large number of nude beaches limit when and where you can be in the nude, but Red Beach offers freedom to all.

As previously mentioned, nude beaches are ideal for mature crowds. If you are vacationing with your family or other young children, you may want to reexamine your decision to vacation at a nude beach. While a number of nude beaches are classified as being “family friendly,” nudity may create some confusion, especially with younger children. If you are still interested in visiting beaches overseas, below is an overview of popular beaches, where clothing is required.

The coast of Spain from the north east to the southern most tip of Europe in the south west offers a tremendous range of beaches and beach amenities to suit all tastes and age groups. The Costa del Sol in the south (where we actually live) is no exception to this including all the kinds of coastal sports activities imaginable.

Located in Thailand is the island of Phi Phi Leh. The most well-known beach is the area is the Maya Beach. The area was damaged in the tsunami a few years back, but, for the most part, the area has seen a rebirth. In addition to traditional beach activities, new facilities, services, and activities have been added for tourists.

Cannes is located in the French Riviera. Cannes is most well-known for its frequent celebrity visits. While Cannes is often viewed as a costly vacation destination, you may be able enjoy the beaches and the amazing scenery on a budget.

The Bondi Beach, located in Australia, is a popular vacation destination. Beaches line the coast of this large island. Due to its popularity, Bondi Beach is often overcrowded. Despite large crowds, tourists often enjoy the numerous on and off shore activities found at Bondi Beach.

In addition to the above mentioned beaches, there are a large number of additional overseas vacations. Whether you choose to vacation at a nude beach or a beach where clothing is required, you are sure to find the perfect summer vacation destination.

Are you bored with the same summer vacation routine? Struggling to find that vacation of a lifetime? Then open your mind to the unique possibilities by visiting below. You will be delighted by the choice and the comments made by clients from North America and other countries.

Blues for Buddha

Being critical of Buddhism isn’t easy.

Buddhism is the most likable of the major religions, and Buddhists are the perennial good guys of modern spirituality. Beautiful traditions, lovely architecture, inspiring statuary, ancient history, the Dalai Lama — what’s not to like?

Everything about Buddhsim is just so… nice. No fatwahs or jihads, no inquisitions or crusades, no terrorists or pederasts, just nice people being nice. In fact, Buddhism means niceness. Nice-ism.

At least, it should.

Buddha means Awakened One, so Buddhism can be taken to mean Awake-ism. Awakism. It would therefore be natural to think that if you were looking to wake up, then Buddhism, i.e., Awakism, would be the place to look.

::: The Light is Better Over Here

Such thinking, however, would reveal a dangerous lack of respect for the opposition. Maya, goddess of delusion, has been doing her job with supreme mastery since the first spark of self-awareness flickered in some chimp’s noggin, and the idea that the neophyte truth-seeker can just sign up with the Buddhists, read some books, embrace some new concepts and slam her to the mat might be a bit on the naive side.

On the other hand, why not? How’d this get so turned around? It’s just truth. Shouldn’t truth be, like, the simplest thing? Shouldn’t someone who wants to find something as ubiquitous as truth be able to do so? And here’s this venerable organization supposedly dedicated to just that very thing, even named for it, so what’s the problem?

::: Why doesn’t Buddhism produce Buddhas?

The problem arises from the fact that Buddhists, like everyone else, insist on reconciling the irreconcilable. They don’t just want to awaken to the true, they also want to make sense of the untrue. They want to have their cake and eat it too, so they end up with nonsensical theories, divergent schools, sagacious doubletalk, and zero Buddhas.

Typical of Buddhist insistence on reconciling the irreconcilable is the concept of Two Truths, a poignant two-word joke they don’t seem to get, and yet this sort of perversely irrational thinking is at the very heart of the failed search for truth. We don’t want truth, we want a particular truth; one that doesn’t threaten ego, one that doesn’t exist. We insist on a truth that makes sense given what we know, not knowing that we don’t know anything.

Nothing about Buddhism is more revealing than the Four Noble Truths which, not being true, are of pretty dubious nobility. They form the basis of Buddhism, so it’s clear from the outset that the Buddhists have whipped up a proprietary version of truth shaped more by market forces than any particular concern for the less consumer-friendly, albeit true, truth.

Yes, Buddhism may be spiritually filling, even nourishing, but insofar as truth is concerned, it’s junkfood. You can eat it every day of your life and die exactly as Awakened as the day you signed up.

::: Bait & Switch

Buddhism is a classic bait-and-switch operation. We’re attracted by the enlightenment in the window, but as soon as we’re in the door they start steering us over to the compassion aisle. Buddhists could be honest and change their name to Compassionism, but who wants that?

There’s the rub. They can’t sell compassion and they can’t deliver enlightenment.

This untruth-in-advertising is the kind of game you have to play if you want to stay successful in a business where the customer is always wrong. You can either go out of business honestly, or thrive by giving the people what they want. What they say they want and what they really want, though, are two very different things.

::: Me Me Me

To the outside observer, much of Buddhist knowledge and practice seems focused on spiritual self-improvement. This, too, is hard to speak against… except within the context of awakening from delusion. Then it’s easy.

There is no such thing as true self, so any pursuit geared toward its aggrandizement, betterment, upliftment, elevation, evolution, glorification, salvation, etc, is utter folly. How much more so any endeavor undertaken merely to increase one’s own happiness or contentment or, I’m embarrassed to even say it, bliss?

Self is ego and ego is the realm of the dreamstate. If you want to break free of the dreamstate, you must break free of self, not stroke it to make it purr or groom it for some imagined brighter future.

::: Maya’s House of Enlightenment

The trick with being critical of so esteemed and beloved an institution is not to get dragged down into the morass of details and debate. It’s very simple: If Buddhism is about enlightenment, people should be getting enlightened. If it’s not about enlightenment, they should change the sign.

Of course, Buddhism isn’t completely unique in its survival tactics. This same gulf between promise and performance is found in all systems of human spirituality. We’re looking at it in Buddhism because that’s where it’s most pronounced. No disrespect to the Buddha is intended. If there was a Buddha and he was enlightened, then it’s Buddhism that insults his memory, not healthy skepticism. Blame the naked emperor’s retinue of tailors and lickspittles, not the boy who merely states the obvious.

Buddhism is arguably the most elevated of man’s great belief systems. If you want to enjoy the many valuable benefits it has to offer, then I wouldn’t presume to utter a syllable against it. But if you want to escape from the clutches of Maya, then I suggest you take a very close look at the serene face on all those golden statues to see if it isn’t really hers.

WARNING: Primitive camping not for everyone

Primitive camping is allowed only on designated camp areas and most laws prohibited people from setting up primitive camp on established sites. A lot of primitive campers enjoy the many camping sites throughout the United States.

Mainland camping is allowed only at designated campgrounds and campers must attain a permit before camping. There are no reservations for sites; each site is available on a first-come first-serve basis, with no camping fees required.

Washington State and Southern California offer some of the best west coast primitive camp destinations. While the Colorado Rockies can be an even more challenging primitive experience, I suggest if checking out Colorado sites also drive down to Texas camps where equally worthy sites can be found.

The eastern seaboard and inland areas are famous for their primitive sites, with extreme temperatures at times in the spring and summer seasons, not matter if your live in Ohio and want to drive through Indiana or Michigan there is surely to be a primitive site to camp at for you.

My pick of the season would have to be my favorite primitive site areas along the South Eastern United States from West Virginia, Tennessee and Florida. If you’re a addicted to camping primitive style and like to have the option of bathing nude or naked in a lake, then try Dale Hollow Lake which can pose even a challenge for the most experienced primitive camper.

Brief History of Nudism and Naturism

When scientists did a study on the genetic makeup of the common body louse, they were able to establish the approximate time that human beings first began to wear clothing. The louse is a parasite that feed on the human body, but can not do so with out clothing. The testing showed that humans first began to wear clothing 72,000 years ago. Since Homo sapiens have been around for 200,000 years, it appears that all humans have been nudists for over half the existence of the species.

In the historical area, there were less social and moral issues involved with nudity during the Classical period. In ancient Greece the human body was viewed as beautiful and was the subject of art. Athletes commonly were nude as they competed in events against each other, and the word gymnasium comes from the Greek root, gymnos, which means nude.

Although the first nudist colonies were established in British India in 1891, it was in Germany that the naturism movement really began. In the early 1900’s several papers were published that advocated the idea that the human body was neither sinful nor obscene. They talked of the concepts of self hate, and shame. The first nudist colonies were opened in Germany around 1903, and grew into popularity during the 1920’s. They were suppressed by the Nazi party, but never completely eliminated.

The Germans seemed to be the missionaries of the Naturism movement. In the 1960’s German’s vacationing along the Mediterranean coast in France began nudist colonies, and nudist beaches and nudist resorts grew in popularity there. The movement had its early beginning in North America in 1929 when a German immigrant named Kurt Barthel opened a colony in the United States. In the early days of the movement in America, nudism became associated with family values and alcohol was prohibited from all activities.

Despite the attempt to associate high moral standards with the nudism movement it was subjected to much harassment and misunderstanding due to the prevailing social climate in the country that saw nudism as a sexual and even pornographic activity. Over the past three decades this has largely changed. Nudist vacationsbecame more common, and nudism lost some of its social stigma. Nudism became less restrictive as well and clothing optional gathering became more common. Topless beaches also became popular, and the organized nudist movement made strides in erasing the negative perception of nudism.

Public Breast Feeding : Still Taboo?

In this day and age of feminism and women’s liberation, it’s hard to believe that public breast feeding is still considered somewhat of a “taboo”. I’d like to think Americans are generally open minded and accepting, especially when it comes to a mother and her child.

The sad fact is that our culture still views breast feeding in public as “indecent” because of the exposure of a woman’s breast (gasp). And partial exposure, at that.

Although the vast majority of us have seen this part of the female anatomy, some would have you think of it as “vile” or “inappropriate”. A perfect example of American society’s reluctance to accept openly breast feeding follows.

Recently a popular, free magazine for new mothers called “Baby Talk” featured a bare breast with a baby nursing (no nipple was visible). The magazine received hundreds of complaints about the picture. Readers felt the breast was “inappropriate” for the cover. The worst part of this whole scandal is that most of the complaints came from women. Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot, so to speak.

I was shocked that, of all people, women would be offended by a demonstration of the nurturing mother and child relationship. Should this not be regarded as a picture of beauty and healthy exposure?

Then I wonder, is it just because we as Americans tend to be uptight about nudity in general? Take the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident, now dubbed “Nipplegate”, which resulted in an extreme sanitization of radio and television, having networks running scared to even accidentally show the wrong body part or say the wrong words on air.

Perhaps if breast feeding were looked at on more of an objective level, as it was meant to be, breast feeding publicly would not be such an issue. People are blurring the lines between indecent, sexually oriented exposure and the necessity of exposing one’s breasts for the sake of feeding a child.

We as women are encouraged to to give our babies the most nutritionally complete food for their development – natural breast milk, straight from the breast. And yet we find ourselves struggling to find places that make it comfortable and socially acceptable to breast feed.

The most ironic part about this ongoing taboo, to me at least, is the minimal amount of exposure necessary to breast feed. Heck, many women will almost completely cover their breasts with a towel or blanket to make themselves and others more comfortable.

It’s about time we shake the taboos, and promote tolerance and acceptance for women breast feeding in public.

Love Your Body And Watch It Heal

Your body is a vehicle that houses you while you are having this human experience. You are spirit your body is the housing or as the Bible says your body is a temple.Depending on how you love it and create it. Yes, you create this physical body just as you create everything else in your life.

Do you talk to your body? Do you tell it you love it everyday. Are you grateful for your body. What we love and pay attention to grows in your body as it does in any other part of your life. If you pay attention and praise and love your body it loves you back by being all you would want it to be.

As some of you know that have been following my articles I have been looking for alternative ways to heal my body. Well, I forgot something I have known for years and that is to send love to each part of my body daily. Just get quiet and start talking in a loving voice to your body, you can do this out loud or anywhere just in your mind.

Thank it for all it does for you daily. Thank each part of yourself from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Make a list of all your body does for you daily and thank each part for doing that. Think of something you admire about each of your body parts and tell that part of you how admired it is. Do something for your body every day, exercise, dance, get a massage, take a hot bubble bath, stretch and relax your body, breathe.

Start today and your body will respond. Tell your body that you admire how slim and muscular it is. It will become slim and muscular. Tell your body you love it and you admire how abundantly healthy it is. It will heal itself. Your body is living cells that can respond to you. Try it if it doesn’t work I will refund your poor self image and your dis-ease with your body.

Act in a way if you would have the perfect body.

Walk with your head held up high, supported with pride and confidence in yourself and a person.

Don’t let the weight of you body determine what you do on a normal day. Do what you enjoy, and have fun at it.

Wear comfortable clothing that you are not afraid to be in, and that you are not afraid to show to others.

Remember to count your blessings, and not your blemishes.

How much time do you spend looking at your body in disgust? Just don’t do it! Look at the good, or nice qualities that you have, and be proud of them.

Did you know that each month your skin replaces itself, every five days your stomach lining, every six weeks your liver, and every month, even your skeleton! Your body is a pretty extraordinary thing. Now respect it and appreciate it! You owe it to yourself.

Become an expert on your body, challenge the authority of the fashion magazines, the cosmetic industry, the Metropolitan Weight Tables by allowing your beauty to shine throughout your personality, and brighten a new day.

Be one of your body’s allies and advocates. Don’t let your body be your enemy.

Every morning you wake up, thank your body for resting itself so you can enjoy the day ahead.

Every evening when you go to bed, tell your body how happy you are that it let you have a wonderful, fun-filled day.

Find a way to exercise, and begin to practice it so that you end up doing it on a regular basis. But don’t do it to loose weight, do it to enjoy your body.

Think back to a time when you enjoyed your body. Tell your inner self that you can feel that way again, even in your body, at your age.

Look and go through some family photo albums-find the beauty and love that you value in those faces-and treasure them in your heart.

Tell 10 positive things about yourself, without mentioning your appearance.

Take a look in your closet. Do you wear any clothes that hide yourself? Think about why you wear what you wear.

Decide to wear clothes if they only give you power, energy, and most importantly, comfort.

Take the time to put a sign on your mirrors that says “I’m beautiful, inside and out.”

If you only had one year left to live, how important would your body image be?

Start saying to yourself, ” Life is to short to waste my time on my image and hating my body. Look how wonderful I am inside.”

Look to find the beauty inside yourself.

You can also teach body to develop stamina. Let’s say you
exercise on a treadmill. To train your body to develop stamina,
just tell it what you want at the beginning of the workout. You
might tell your body, “Run in a relaxed manner at the pace of the
treadmill until I tell you to stop. Breathe easily.”

Your body will then run easily until you tell it to stop. If, however, you
start thinking with your mind about how tired you feel or how
much you hate the treadmill, your body will get tired. As long as
you keep your mind neutral, your body will easily run for as long
as you want.

If you’re interested in losing or gaining weight you can program
your body to use food in a specific way. To lose weight, tell
body when you want it to get hungry and how much you want it to
eat. You can tell your body, “You will not be hungry until noon
today.” Before you start your meal, you can also tell your body,
“Use this food for energy and stamina only. Release all excess
calories after this meal and do not store them,” or some similar

The point is that your body can be programmed any number of ways
to suit your desires and lifestyle. Don’t get wrapped up in what
your body does or doesn’t do now. Focus your attention on
training your body to do what you want it to do. As a Spirit with
a mind and a body, you are in charge. So take charge and start
giving orders!

Last but not least, remember this note: “Beauty is only skin deep.”