Spiritual Nudity

Nudist / Nude Pictures – Voyeurism Or Natural Curiosity?  

December 10, 2015 Uncategorized

This topic sat before the editorial dept. for a long time before I finally picked it up.  I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to tackle such a seemingly judgmental subject, sans all the grit of the lab and psych studies.  One has it tough enough in a world of political correctness, without throwing the “porn vs. anything” into the mix.  I have debated art vs. porn, educational vs. porn, and exploitation vs. porn.  This one should be interesting. Ok, so I have aRead More

Top 10 things to love about Black’s Beach

December 24, 2014 Uncategorized

As a frequent visitor to Black’s Beach San Diego, I’ve quickly discovered things the locals there love, I’ll list my 10 favorites about this San Diego’s gem. 10. Pet lovers paradise. Lots of people out walking their dogs and you’ll often bump into strangers who’ll make a nice passing comment about yours. 9. It’s a nude beach. Sometimes this works against you but there are also many times when I’ve been surprised. 8. 2 miles. It’s a fairly long beachRead More

The Power Of Personal Environments

December 22, 2014 Uncategorized

I’ve got to admit, I’m a big fan of comfort. I like it when things in my world are stable and reliable. For example, my home is my sanctuary. I live here, and I work here. I like it to reflect peace, order and beauty, so when a messy remodeling project was underway – like the recent replacement of a water-damaged bathroom ceiling – it affected me. I was stressed and cranky. My husband might not have been quite soRead More

Metallic nude photography

December 9, 2014 Uncategorized

The metallic nudes of Dewayne Flowers have a great visual impact. The metal paint gives the nude models a serene unreal expression and an incredible beauty. The added effect of the bodypaint could easily be seen as kitschy or easy. But if you take a closer look at his photography, and see the intense way the photographer is creating his images you have to agree that the word Kitsch is out of place here. The intense pose of the nudeRead More

The Relationship Handbook: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life

December 7, 2014 Uncategorized

Balancing Mars and Venus in Each of Us When we think of ourselves first and foremost as human, we’ve taken the first step towards regaining our balance. Gender does not define who we are. Gender is nothing more than a biological point of view. Once we take 2,500 years of ego- and fear-based conditioning out of the picture, the main difference between men and women is whether we have indoor or outdoor plumbing. We are not our bodies. Our bodiesRead More

Reconciling Sex & Spirituality

December 6, 2014 Uncategorized

Participants in the Adult Entertainment Industry are often labeled, by the religious right, as soulless decadents destined for an eternity of suffering in the pits of Hell. In getting to know hundreds of clients involved in this industry over the past decade, it has become quite apparent that the reality contradicts the accusation. The vast majority of those involved with erotica are caring, deeply spiritual individuals, unburdened by archaic notions of guilt associated with celebrating the act of love betweenRead More

Hippies and Nudity

December 6, 2014 Uncategorized

Sex and hippies, as subjects, naturally seem to go together.  Whether we’re discussing nudity in general, uninhibited sex and more, a person can’t think of hippies and not eventually turn his/her mind to free love and flower power. Some history about hippies might help.  In our history there have been groups of nature worshippers, nudists, hippies, vegetarians, health conscious yoga stretching free love people, and all the cliché exchanges people make about hippies. “The concept of “Free Love” as expressedRead More


December 2, 2014 Uncategorized

Breasts in North America are a taboo: going topless on beaches is not generally accepted, breastfeeding in public is often frowned on or seen as ‘indecent exposure’, women going topfree is considered shameful and immodest behavior. On the other hand, entertainment industry and the media constantly show women wearing very scant clothing that barely covers the nipples and just draws more attention to the breasts. Fashion swimwear covers less and less of the female body each year. Media and advertisementsRead More

Outdoor Sex

November 20, 2014 Uncategorized

Excerpted from “The Lovemaking Smorgasbord – A Couple’s Menu for Feeding Passion & Fidelity.” Spring and autumn are the perfect times to engage in some delicious outdoor sex. I find early spring, late summer and especially early fall the most wonderful times to get back to the primal sexual basics. There are many reasons why I feel this way, with the most important being that an outdoor tryst is one of the best ways possible to renew passion, because itRead More

Will Yoga Help You Lose More Weight?

November 11, 2014 Uncategorized

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the mass marketing about diet and fitness and weight loss caught up with Yoga. After all, Yoga is certainly going through a period of resurgence – not the first, as these things typically move in cycles as does most of the market. Typically though, when you read about Yoga, the topic is peace of mind, spirituality, relaxation, meditation, perhaps physical conditioning and strength (both physical and mental). This time though, the debateRead More