Nudist / Nude Pictures – Voyeurism Or Natural Curiosity?  

This topic sat before the editorial dept. for a long time before I finally picked it up.  I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to tackle such a seemingly judgmental subject, sans all the grit of the lab and psych studies.  One has it tough enough in a world of political correctness, without throwing the “porn vs. anything” into the mix.  I have debated art vs. porn, educational vs. porn, and exploitation vs. porn.  This one should be interesting.

Ok, so I have a batch of naked pictures shuffled all over my desk.  I look them over, seeing breasts and penises, butts and bellies.  All manner of undress, from nude to naked.  None wear clothes although many wear jewelry and shoes.  Shoes seem to be a popular item among nudists.  (Perhaps some kind of holdover from all those thorns in Eden?)

Not difficult to discern the obvious modeled pics amongst the rest.  Even though many can be seen as modeling or paid for their nude efforts, it is easy to tell which were taken in nudist settings and which were studio or location shot.

Many nudist photos contain images of people that look real.  That look like all of us normal folk and it’s there where the curiosity factor busts through our natural inclination to shyness regarding our naked human bodies.  For some of us it’s shame, others it’s simply upbringing and modesty issues. However, that being said, it seems as though the perusal of nudist pictures, those taken in natural occurrences and settings/ seems to be a way to “not cheat”.

“Not cheating” with the use of nudist photos is somewhat akin to handjobs being ok but anything else is adultery. It’s a ridiculous argument to begin with.  But we have those who just want to look at naked bodies without the wife hitting the roof on the topic. That, combined with the desire to see everyday, ordinary people nude (some see THAT as a fetish) and nudist galleries are swamped daily.

Here’s the rub – the nudist sites that are genuine and filled with knowledge on all manner of nudist living….many show huge pages and galleries full of pictures of nude people, seemingly nudists.  It’s understandable to show a few photos for the sake of illustrating the joy some folks find in the nudist lifestyle, even a gallery or two on activities and more.  But at what point does it just become another “porn” site?  Although most of us hate that term in relation to nudity, we have to accept that a good portion of the world associates the two.  To them, porn includes the gawking at of naked flesh, especially attractive naked flesh.

And so we find the whole discussion at a standstill until we get to the part about nudist vs. nude; then it becomes heated once more.

Some say if a picture is posed, it would be classified as nude.  I can’t agree.  Some nudists pose for a picture.  Does the model have to be paid for it to be nude? Absurd.  Does it have to be a model to constitute nude?  What if a model is a nudist?

As you can see, the whole debate slips into the realm of nonsense over this.

My point is, what difference does it make?

If a person wants to look at nude pictures, and feels better about him/herself by looking at “nudist” pictures, who are we to judge?  Some hardassed nudists might start the hue and cry about their pictures being sacrosanct and not to be blasphemed as wank material.  Let them not put pictures on a forum/website or other media which can be accessed by damn near everyone.  That is just asking for trouble.  Why go to the expense of a private nudist club, only to have your picture snapped and stuck up on the largest media on the planet?

Yes yes, I know the argument about friends taking pictures, etc. However, sites get hacked, pics get taken and people get pissy.  The courts are also becoming involved now on a nudist’s right to be nude without the worry of someone taking a photo. Most places now have no-photo rules or releases for group get-togethers and so forth.

Times they are a changin’  and the definitions of nude and nudist, naturist and nude art had better be rethought.  All in all, nude is nude.  If we desire access to nudity, that is our right.  So long as we gawk responsibly, who the hell cares.

Top 10 things to love about Black’s Beach

As a frequent visitor to Black’s Beach San Diego, I’ve quickly discovered things the locals there love, I’ll list my 10 favorites about this San Diego’s gem.

10. Pet lovers paradise. Lots of people out walking their dogs and you’ll often bump into strangers who’ll make a nice passing comment about yours.

9. It’s a nude beach. Sometimes this works against you but there are also many times when I’ve been surprised.

8. 2 miles. It’s a fairly long beach and I tend to go for long walks. A round trip on this beach is 4 miles or enough to burn off the delicious tacos I ate before walking.

7. Adjacent to a great hiking trail also known as Torrey Pines. There’s a great passage from this trail that leads to the beach.

6. Picnics are fun to have here, since the beach is so long and vast stretches are unclaimed, it’s the perfect spot to throw down a blanket.

5. Friendly crowd, I’ve never once ran into any rude or snobby people at this beach. Unlike most public beaches, Black’s Beach does not get too crowded and the people here are very nice.

4. My girlfriend tells me the life guards aren’t too bad on the eyes. No comment.

3. Excellent view of downtown San Diego from anywhere on the beach. It’s like being at the city without being there.

2. Watching the paragliders is always a treat, they float about with such grace – it’s very calming to look at.

1. It’s a nude beach! Granted I haven’t stripped it all off but this is the first time I’ve thought to myself that it wouldn’t be so bad to try it at this beach. The nice people definitely helps.

The Power Of Personal Environments

I’ve got to admit, I’m a big fan of comfort. I like it when things in my world are stable and reliable. For example, my home is my sanctuary. I live here, and I work here. I like it to reflect peace, order and beauty, so when a messy remodeling project was underway – like the recent replacement of a water-damaged bathroom ceiling – it affected me. I was stressed and cranky. My husband might not have been quite so generous and called me downright crazed.

Same thing with my physical body; I’m blessed with a high level of health and vitality. So, when something goes “wrong” like a recent eye infection (resigning me to a week of glasses versus my contact lenses) my stress needle hit the red zone.

You might be thinking, “This all sounds a bit extreme, especially for a successful coach who has a highly functioning life.” Well, you’re right…I thought the same thing.

Then I remembered…Thomas Leonard, known as the father of coaching, once said, “Success becomes sustainable when there are environments and failsafe structures which support it and which make you feel fully alive. And being fully alive calls you to play a much bigger game in life…evolving to your optimal potential to levels of greatness you never thought were possible.”

There was my answer; these two recent events reminded me about the power of our personal environments and what happens when they are out of balance. I had experienced chinks in my environments, and although I was feeling fully alive I certainly wasn’t feeling my own greatness.

As an entrepreneur your success and greatness, or lack of it, hinges on how well you keep the all the balls in the air. It’s your job to maximize the conditions that will nurture and assure your success. That’s where your personal environments come in.

Environments are not only the physical space in which we live; it is also our belief systems, our spirituality, our physical being (our bodies).

How are your environments? Is your home cluttered? Is your blood pressure high? Are your finances in an upheaval?

Whether you care to admit it or not, your inner life is reflected in your outer life. Clutter in your home or office space is a sign that your inner life is cluttered as well. If your material possessions are in chaos, you are living in lack and not taking care of yourself. If you surround yourself with negative people, should you be surprised when you feel negative too?

Here’s a brief assessment to rate your level of satisfaction in each environment. The list represents the primary environments that impact you on a day-to day basis:

On a scale of 1-10 (1-low, 10-high) how inspiring or satisfying are each of your nine environments currently:




Belief Systems_____






How did you do? I invite you to start by choosing one of your environments, preferably one you scored lower in, and begin to improve it. Make sure to pick an area you can imagine being successful with. Start by identifying the benefits you will gain with the improvement. For example: if I improve my finances the benefit will be less stress and a more secure future.

Begin to create those sustainable and failsafe structures for your life and business. Give yourself the gift of possibilities. Start today.

It’s YOUR life…live it completely!

Metallic nude photography

The metallic nudes of Dewayne Flowers have a great visual impact. The metal paint gives the nude models a serene unreal expression and an incredible beauty. The added effect of the bodypaint could easily be seen as kitschy or easy. But if you take a closer look at his photography, and see the intense way the photographer is creating his images you have to agree that the word Kitsch is out of place here.

The intense pose of the nude models, the photographic quality and the the artists search for the right composition and expression takes the erotic art of Dewayne Flowers to a very high artistic level.

Beside his metallic nudes he also works with various other themes in his photography. The angel series for example. Computer manipulated nude angels with a highly dramatical pose. The Pieta called Salvation is one of the best examples of this theme. The classic Pieta pose, with the metallic bodypaint and the beautiful floor reflection makes this a stunning piece of erotic art.

A totally different approach are the drip painting style nudes. The work of Jackson Pollock is not on canvas this time but on the naked flesh of great character nudes. The Blending series like the American flag displayed in this gallery are one of his other erotic art theme’s. The mimicry effect works ok, but it does not have the dramatical intensity as his other series.

I’m really impressed with the erotic art photography of Dewayne Flowers. The work is diverse, the nude models he uses have character and he is really exploring the theme’s he is using. With the sensitive Pieta as my personal favorite.

The Relationship Handbook: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life

Balancing Mars and Venus in Each of Us

When we think of ourselves first and foremost as human, we’ve taken the first step towards regaining our balance. Gender does not define who we are. Gender is nothing more than a biological point of view. Once we take 2,500 years of ego- and fear-based conditioning out of the picture, the main difference between men and women is whether we have indoor or outdoor plumbing. We are not our bodies. Our bodies are nothing more than a suit of clothes worn by our spirit.

The main differences are that our spirits wear our bodies for longer than our bodies wear our clothes, and our bodies are harder to dry clean. Men and women do have different points of view, but what matters is that we are all human. And every human has equal amounts of masculine and feminine energy.

It would be easier to embrace this truth if we had a better understanding of exactly what “masculine” and “feminine” really mean. Our current definitions are inexorably linked to gender, sexuality, biology, and the ego-based lie of male superiority. We have lost touch with many of the qualities that were once associated with the feminine. In order to rediscover these qualities, we have to go back more than 2,500 years and explore the culture of Ancient Greece.

The Ancient Greeks were the last civilization to include reasonably healthy feminine archetypes. Of the twelve Gods in Olympus, five of them were women. Until very recently, though, we only embraced three of the feminine archetypes. Women could be sex objects, in which case they connected with the archetype of Aphrodite (or Venus, in the Roman pantheon), the Goddess of Love, Desire and Beauty.

Women could be wives, in which case they connected with the archetype of Hera, the wife of Zeus and the Goddess of Marriage—who, despite her tremendous strength and cunning, was repeatedly forced to be subservient to her philandering husband. And women could be mothers, in which case they connected with the archetype of Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth and protector of the home.

These three archetypes embodied the sum total of the feminine for more than 2,000 years. The male ego successfully suppressed the powerful female archetypes of Athena and Artemis, who collectively embody feminine strength, skill and mastery.

Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom, Reason and Purity. Severing our connection to her archetype was no small feat, as Athena was one of the most revered and respected of all of the Olympians. In fact, the city of Athens is named after her. Athena was fair, just, and an incredibly powerful warrior. She was the embodiment of feminine strength.

While Ares, the God of War (and the Greek counterpart to Mars, the Roman God of War) was wantonly destructive, childish, violent, aggressive, and ultimately a coward, Athena was proud, strong, and courageous. More importantly, Athena would only fight in order to defend the city—she would never initiate any conflicts, and she always preferred diplomacy to warfare.

Athena is the archetype of the female warrior. Female warriors are in no way inferior to male warriors: Time and again, women have proved that they are in every way equal to men on the battlefield. The difference is that female warriors do not fight in the same way that male warriors do, nor do they fight for the same reasons.

Male warriors fight to attack, while female warriors fight to defend. The female warrior archetype has returned, however. We see it when Sarah Michelle Gellar beats up vampires and saves the world (while still maintaining every ounce of her femininity) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and when Lucy Lawless battles warlords, gods and monsters alike in Xena, Warrior Princess. More recently, we see Guinevere portrayed as a warrior in Walt Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer’s 2004 film retelling of King Arthur.

Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt, is the archetype of the female athlete. In every way, she was the equal of her brother, Apollo. Artemis has returned as a useful archetype for women today, thanks to the popularity of women’s athletics. Women now have role models and opportunities to explore their physical strength, and test and improve their skills through competitive sports.

We have always measured “masculinity” based on strength, power, and skill, but these qualities are as present in women as they are in men. Women were supposed to be delicate flowers who needed men to protect them. The truth, however, is that while men may have the edge over women in terms of brute strength, that women often surpass men in skill and dexterity.

Once we take biology and reproduction out of the equation, men and women are very evenly matched. So what then, are the truly “masculine” and “feminine” qualities? The masculine principle is focused, expressive, and direct. The feminine principle is diffuse, intuitive, and receptive. The feminine principle provides the container to support the masculine energy. Masculine energy expands, and feminine energy contracts.

Any action can be “masculine” or “feminine” in nature, depending on how it is applied. Warrior energy on its own is neither masculine nor feminine. It becomes masculine when we attack in order to expand our borders; it becomes feminine when we fight to defend and protect our tribe from invasion.

It’s true that men tend to be more in touch with the more “masculine” or yang aspects, while women tend to be more in touch with the more “feminine” or yin aspects. But not being aware of or familiar with our complimentary nature doesn’t mean that we can’t learn about it and express it. This, in fact, is the reason that men and women form relationships with each other. Our partners are our mirrors, and when men and women relate to each other—whether that relationship is sexual or not—what we see reflected is our complimentary nature.

We see the parts of ourselves that we haven’t integrated or owned yet. And through our relationships with the opposite gender, we learn how to connect with and own these parts of ourselves, and experience true balance. We need to learn to acknowledge, accept and embrace these two complimentary natures. We each have both Mars and Venus within us, and we need to learn how to appreciate and express them both.

Reconciling Sex & Spirituality

Participants in the Adult Entertainment Industry are often labeled, by the religious right, as soulless decadents destined for an eternity of suffering in the pits of Hell. In getting to know hundreds of clients involved in this industry over the past decade, it has become quite apparent that the reality contradicts the accusation.

The vast majority of those involved with erotica are caring, deeply spiritual individuals, unburdened by archaic notions of guilt associated with celebrating the act of love between human beings. These individuals have been unfairly categorized as atheistic, pagan or downright evil. It is time for the truth to be told: Most of us believe in God.

However, our God is a loving, compassionate God’ not a vengeful God full of fire and brimstone. Our God created the act of sexual intercourse to provide humans with the ability to touch each other’s souls. Participants in this industry are not ashamed of their God-given bodies, or of the act of love.

To the contrary, many of those in the Adult Industry sacrifice their own privacy in order to provide education and entertainment for those who choose to share in their intimacy. Most religions believe that God gave human beings the gift of free will, thereby separating us from animals.

Yet the fundamentalist Christian groups strive ever so fervently to chip away at that free will, and remove from the individual his or her right to choose. These religious zealots commit the mortal sin of playing God by trying to force their preferred choices on God’s creatures in the attempt to remove the divine gift of free will.

This author respects all religious viewpoints and would fight to the court of last resort to defend the right to free exercise of religion for anyone, including Christians, Jews, Muslims, Witches or Atheists. On the other hand, religious preferences are uniquely personal in nature and ought not be forced by any group, church, pastor or rabbi.

Moreover, no group of individuals, including participants in the Adult Entertainment Industry, should be stereotyped or condemned for their beliefs. A healthy interest in human sexuality is neither immoral nor sinful. It is an honor to fight for the rights of those God-fearing individuals who chose to celebrate human intimacy and share their erotic experiences with the world.

Hippies and Nudity

Sex and hippies, as subjects, naturally seem to go together.  Whether we’re discussing nudity in general, uninhibited sex and more, a person can’t think of hippies and not eventually turn his/her mind to free love and flower power.

Some history about hippies might help.  In our history there have been groups of nature worshippers, nudists, hippies, vegetarians, health conscious yoga stretching free love people, and all the cliché exchanges people make about hippies.

“The concept of “Free Love” as expressed by hippies, didn’t just appear overnight. It’s a philosophy with roots deep in human consciousness. It just needs a little encouragement to surface. And that encouragement appeared in the 1960s in the form of new knowledge about human sexuality, “the pill”, psychedelic drugs, and a counter-culture which rejected the conservative ways and embraced individual freedom.”

“The only unnatural sexual act is that which you cannot perform.”
– Alfred Kinsey


Breasts in North America are a taboo: going topless on beaches is
not generally accepted, breastfeeding in public is often frowned
on or seen as ‘indecent exposure’, women going topfree is
considered shameful and immodest behavior.

On the other hand, entertainment industry and the media
constantly show women wearing very scant clothing that barely
covers the nipples and just draws more attention to the breasts.
Fashion swimwear covers less and less of the female body each

Media and advertisements signal to people that breasts are
sexual, and only beautiful when big and protruding. But we know
big breasts is a fallacy since women in ads and movies use push-
up bras and breast enlargement to artificially ‘enhance’ the way
their breasts look like.

Just think what young girls learn about breasts if they
continually see this ‘propaganda’ without a balancing view of the
real purpose of breasts! Breasts are to be hidden, they are
sexual, forbidden.

Parents teach their children the same way,
and many times children don’t see a single pair of naturally nude
breasts apart from their own (if they are girls) while growing
up. It is totally possible that a child grows up in North
America and never sees a baby breastfeeding!

How many pairs of real breasts have you ever seen? For many
young women, most of their knowledge about breasts comes from
movies and magazines, so it is no wonder that even teenagers talk
about getting breast implants, and that most American women seem
to be unhappy with their breasts.

If women are obsessed about their breast size and shape to the
extent of surgery, men aren’t doing any better. For many men
female breasts are a source of sexual inspiration, fascination
and fantasy.

They get inspired from looking at pictures where
they see some cleavage, where breasts are enticingly almost
visible, yet hidden. The pornographic industry gets much good
about the taboo-ism of female breasts by letting men see these
taboo items for good money.

It is not so in Europe or in many other parts of the world.
European women commonly go topless on beaches, and many European
countries also have nudist beaches where people sunbath naked,
yet the atmosphere is decent and non-sexual and people are at

The sauna culture in some European countries makes people
used to seeing nakedness, and they don’t view breasts as any
special thing or taboo. Primitive tribes in hot climates wear
very little clothing and it’s no big deal to them. It seems that
North American culture is almost alone erotizicing the breasts to
such an extreme.

Carolyn Latteier, the author of Breasts, The Women’s Perspective
on an American Obsession, said in a TV program “All about
breasts, “In many cultures, breasts aren’t sexual at all. I
interviewed a young anthropologist working with women in Mali, in
a country in Africa where women go around with bare breasts.

They’re always feeding their babies. And when she told them that
in our culture men are fascinated with breasts there was an
instant of shock. The women burst out laughing. They laughed so
hard, they fell on the floor. They said, “You mean, men act like

She also said in the same program that of the women she
interviewed, the ones that were happiest with their breasts were
breastfeeding women. They weren’t thinking about, “Is it too
small? Is it too big?” They were doing something wonderful –
that which is the REAL purpose of breasts. [1]

Breastfeeding in USA

An infant formula industry study found that only 31 percent of US
infants are still being breastfed at 6 months, and even though
experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, one study
found that only 13% of breastfeeding mothers at 3 months and a
MERE 1% at 6 months were doing so. [2]

Why do women fail to breastfeed or wean too early? There are
many reasons. Some mothers think breastfeeding is ‘yucky’. The
husband or partner might think woman’s breasts are for sexual
purposes and become jealous over the nursing mom’s breasts, or
start thinking that the baby is doing something indecent and
pervert when it feeds.

The numerous women who have negative experiences about
breastfeeding pass them on to their friends. Doctors know very
little about breastfeeding and about the dangers of
bottlefeeding. Actually, a study found that the majority of
pediatricians believe breastfeeding and formula-feeding are
equally acceptable methods for feeding infants. [3]

Some women have problems in breastfeeding but don’t receive
enough support and help to overcome the difficulties. Many have
difficulties with breastfeeding in public because of other
people’s attitudes towards exposing their breasts. With some,
going to work prevents them from breastfeeding and/or pumping
breast milk.

One major factor undermining breastfeeding in US is the way
infant formula companies advertise their products. They send
free samples to pregnant mothers and to hospitals, give free
gifts to doctors and nurses, and leave the impression in their
pamphlets that formula is almost as good as breast milk. No
wonder the ‘supplemental bottle’ is often used when there is just
a minor solvable problem with breastfeeding!

Another reason why babies are weaned early is because people have
misconceptions about weaning. Most people in Northern America
and in other western countries think that breastfeeding is only
for the first couple of months of an infant’s life, or mostly up
to year.

However, in most other cultures worldwide children wean
much later, and in most of the history children weaned much
later. According to Katherine Dettwyler’s studies, comparing
humans to our closest animal relatives shows that the natural age
of weaning in humans should be between 2.3 and 7 years. Children
who are allowed to wean themselves, usually do so between 2 and 5
years of age. [4]

It seems that everybody agrees that breast milk is better, but
that the whole society is negative about breastfeeding? Why is
that? In the course of history many different parts of the
female body have been fetishes for men, for example ankles,
necks, and tiny feet (in China), so why are North Americans so
obsessed with breasts as sexual objects in our age?

In my opinion the reason is because the whole society is about to
forget what is the real purpose of female breasts. That is shown
for example in Katherine Dettwyler’s experience in her ‘Women and
Culture’ course in the fall of 1993. One of her undergraduate
students was totally flabbergasted to discover that the
biological function of women’s breasts was for feeding children.

With obvious shock and disgust evident in her voice she asked,
‘You mean women’s breasts are like a cow’s udder?’ [5] If you
can see breasts as ‘wonderful milk-making machines’ meant for
babies, then you won’t worry anymore what men think of your
breasts or what they look like!

We have a vicious cycle on our hands: the less women breastfeed,
the less people get to see the real purpose of breasts. At the
same time media everywhere constantly touts the perverted view of
female breasts, which makes people view breasts as sexual.

That in turn makes it harder for women to breastfeed, since many of
the reasons for not breastfeeding are linked to the erroneous
idea that woman’s breasts are sexual organs.

So the less women breastfeed, the harder it becomes for women to
breastfeed. This cycle self-promotes the view that female
breasts are sexual and that women are mere sex objects, which can
lead to more pornography, sexual crime and abuse of women – all
the while little children are robbed of their best nutrition.

The cure?

Women, breastfeed your babies! Men, understand the real function
of female breasts! Everybody, forget about breasts being sexual!

Outdoor Sex

Excerpted from “The Lovemaking Smorgasbord – A Couple’s Menu for Feeding Passion & Fidelity.”

Spring and autumn are the perfect times to engage in some delicious outdoor sex. I find early spring, late summer and especially early fall the most wonderful times to get back to the primal sexual basics. There are many reasons why I feel this way, with the most important being that an outdoor tryst is one of the best ways possible to renew passion, because it combines several passionate activities into one.

Being naked outside elicits deep, primal, wild and uninhibited desires, it’s adventurous and can be spontaneous. With the right scenario you can also make it romantic.

Having sex outdoors is a great way to add some excitement and variety to your sex life. I must admit that personally I don’t feel there is anything better than outdoor sex. The feel of the elements on your naked body elicits uninhibited passions. The touch of the wind, the earth, the sun, and the water on your naked body can be very arousing.

Even if you are alone and masturbating, outdoor sex can greatly enhance your pleasure. I once had one of my best sexual experiences ever, masturbating alone, naked on a beach with the most incredible breeze blowing across my body.

With outdoor sex, the entire world can become your bedroom, providing endless opportunities for enriched excitement and enhanced pleasure. It can be tender and soft or wild and animalistic.

A great adventure for you and your partner is to gather up a blanket, pack a lunch and head out to a nice isolated, private spot in a park or by a lake; someplace that is enjoyable for the both of you. Make sure it’s isolated or you may get arrested. Hang your clothes over a tree branch and spend the entire day there being naked. Bask in the beauty of nature. Let it consume your naked senses.

Nature provides you with a fantastic sexual playground, where different textures and varied places such as on the grass, in the water, bent over a stump, hanging from a branch, lying on the sand, on flat land or on a hill etc. will enhance your sensations and provide you with the ability to maneuver many different positions and techniques.

Make love over and over whenever the mood hits you. You will be amazed how spending the day naked will help you feel in the mood quite frequently. Be adventurous and explore.

You can surprise your lover with an outdoor quickie, or a beautiful lovemaking event or plan a whole day of savoring. Get more creative by adding some role play or pack a picnic basket with some of your favorite foods to play with, like strawberries or bananas, whip cream, ice cream or whatever you desire and feed each other like Kings and Queens or place it strategically on the body to be eaten. It can also be great fun to romp in your own yard, porch or patio under the stars or in broad delight.

After sharing such a delightful outdoor tryst with your lover, you will not only be physically satisfied, but you will also discover that you have increased feelings of closeness and intimacy.

The feel of the elements on your body will turn you both into wild animals and renew your passion to new heights. So go ahead, get naked and have some fantastic outdoor sex soon!

Will Yoga Help You Lose More Weight?

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the mass marketing about diet and fitness and weight loss caught up with Yoga.

After all, Yoga is certainly going through a period of resurgence – not the first, as these things typically move in cycles as does most of the market.

Typically though, when you read about Yoga, the topic is peace of mind, spirituality, relaxation, meditation, perhaps physical conditioning and strength (both physical and mental).

This time though, the debate rests squarely on yoga’s ability to shed pounds in a society that is struggling with record levels of obesity on the one hand, and a severe “thin” image problem held by popular celebrities on the other.

A recent study started the heated debate by claiming a link between Yoga and weight loss.

Specifically, the study found that middle-age people who practice yoga tended to experience gradual weight loss over a 10-year period, while those that did not practice yoga seemed to experience fairly substantial weight gain over the same period.

Since the study was released, a constant barrage of skeptics have pointed out flaws in the research that range from self-reported results to missing many other factors that may lead people to both practice yoga and have reduced weight.

As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, at least based on my own experiences.

It is much more likely that the positive factors of yoga and meditation have on your mind and body impact your self-image, nutrition choices, and overall stress level which are major factors in weight control. We point to many of the benefits of practicing yoga over at:

Stress not only results in unhealthy binge eating and poor nutritional choices, but actually has physiological impacts on your body that often result in craving foods that can result in greater weight gain such as sugars, starches and carbohydrates.

In the end, what is important is that you are becoming healthier, happier, experience less stress in your life and enjoy your life to the maximum possible.

Let the journalists fight it out over who is technically right, after all, they are likely all fighting to meet deadlines and beat each other’s coverage of the story.

It’s time I took a break and go practice some meditation.